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Each year America’s flower farmers rally together in Washington, D.C. to meet with lawmakers and help raise the awareness for the value America’s flower farmer bring to their communities and the economy.

Certified American Grown is a unified and diverse coalition of U.S. flower farms representing small and large entities across the country. Together, America’s flower farmers are giving consumers confidence in the source of their flowers by providing the only third party guarantee in the floral industry that the bouquets and bunches that are purchased were actually homegrown.

Launched in 2014, the iconic and beautiful Certified American Grown logo is now the largest and most successful consumer facing brand promoting the origin of flowers in the market. Today the program certifies hundreds of millions of stems of flowers each year. The brand is now a widely sought after guarantee, appreciated by retailers, designers and consumers alike. Not only does the brand  communicate the domestic origins of the flowers and foliage, but it also stands for the kind of high quality, variety and farm freshness people desire and prefer.

“We’re excited to be a part of the Certified American Grown Flowers program. Mellano & Co.’s is proud to be identifying all of our flowers and foliage as Certified American Grown. We believe this program will greatly enhance the flower buying experience for our customers around the country.” — Bruce Brady, VP Business Development & Marketing, Mellano & Co.

The Certified American Grown logo helps our farms differentiate their flowers in the market and appeals to consumers who would prefer to buy homegrown blooms.

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22 thoughts on “The Cause

  1. Certified American Grown Flowers will be the best tool for domestic cut flower & foliage farmers all across the USA to get noticed as a true domestic cut flower grower. Who doesn’t want to support domestic production. Botanical Trading is proud to supply & support the american farmers with quality starter martial to grow great flowers.

    • Botanical Trading Co. your support and endorsement for this new certification program is important to the long term success of this campaign. Thank you! Please help us spread the word and let us know if there are any farms that you know would like to know more about how to get certified.

  2. @botanicaltradingco:disqus, your support and endorsement for this new certification program is important to the long term success of this campaign. Thank you! Please help us spread the word and let us know if there are any farms that you know would like to know more about how to get certified.

  3. This is an amazing idea! I just went to a party with all local flowers – and it really makes a difference!! Now, as the country starts becoming aware of where there food comes from, why shouldn’t they also care about where their flowers come from? I am using local flowers in my wedding in September – and I can’t wait to see what Rhode Island (Robin Hollow Farm is doing my flowers!) has to offer that’s different from my home of California! Knowledge is power, for sure! Thanks for leading the way.

  4. This is a fantastic initiative. As a consumer, I have been making a real effort to buy flowers locally, and sometimes I have to rely solely on the selections provided at my local grocery stores. This is always tricky because while many of them do carry local and American grown flowers, they usually always also carry a lot of imported materials. And rarely distinguish between them. It is frustrating sometimes to have to ask, and even more frustrating when you ask and don’t necessarily get an informed answer. It would be so. very. helpful. to have a highly visible label! Cheers to American Grown!

    • @katerichardsfarmhouse38com:disqus! Your party was amazing! Thank you for reaching out and going out of your way to source American Grown flowers for your dinner event in LA. More and more retailers are realizing the benefits of labeling origin on their flowers and we expect that flower lovers like you will respond by buying more flowers from them. We believe Certified American Grown flowers is a win-win! Thank you for joining us on this journey!

  5. It’s amazing the difference it makes when your flowers are fresh and locally grown. Our food co-op also has a flower co-op, providing a bouquet every other week. These flowers last so long we have flowers all summer. It would be so great to insure store bouquets are local by checking for the label!

    • We love flower co-ops! Thank you @oliveandlovecom:disqus for visiting our website and expressing your support for Certified American Grown Flowers. Origin matters and we believe that this new logo will help better highlight those fresh locally grown flowers!

  6. I love this initiative! It’s incredible what a huge difference locally grown flowers can make! Gorgeous, and they last and last. Until American Grown there was really no way of knowing where flowers were coming from. Thanks for starting this!

  7. Is there an easy way for designers to find CAGrown….I find it’s random that I see the label. I’d like to know exactly where in my area I can go on a regular basis because I can only use
    my local farmers 6 months in the year….We are in PA.

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